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I studied jazz piano at the Jazz Centre in Turin, to the CPM for 2 years, with the american pianist, Nehemiah Brown, and after all’Musical Institute of Rivoli with Stefano Maccagno. From 2007 to 2016 he studied piano and composition with maestro Stefano Maccagno. I participated in 2017 in a Sound Design course at the Range Music Institute of Turin


I have participated in seminars at Umbria Jazz, Nuoro Jazz, and Sondrio Jazz.


In A masterclass of composition and orchestra direction at the PREA (CN) I composed the music and conducted the orchestra on the part of the film restored by the Museum Of Cinema, THE FALL OF TROY.


In May 2016, I participated in the competition of composition of film music at the Zurich Film Festival, composing for a cartoon titled “An Object at the rest


In September 2016 I produced and directed a live performance with three other composers, the soundtrack to the film THE FAUN, film, and restoration of the Museum of Cinema of Turin


From 1998 to 2016, he has collaborated with the Cultural Association of the Free Entries of Beinasco (TO), with which it carries out the activities of musical direction with the Free Voices Gospel Choir, and participating as a pianist in seminars in choral singing gospel music with the likes of Cheryl Porter (USA), ByGrace (SW), the London Community Gospel Choir (UK), Bob Singleton (USA), Nehemiah Brown (USA), Antony Morgan (USA), Wendell Simpkins (USA). With the Free Voices, is responsible for the production of the last 4 cd's.

From 2010 to 2014, he also attended courses of composition of film music for ensemble orchestral for the PERINALDO FESTIVAL in collaboration with the national Cinema Museum of Turin, realizing: 2009 - the Composition of the music for the documentary on Galileo Galilei, 2010 - Composition music for a documentary on the mountain 2011 - Composition of the music of the film NOSFERATU, 2013 - Composition music for the film UNE PARTIE D ECHES and THE SLEEPING beauty IN the WOODS 2014 - Composition and conducting the second part of the film DAVID COPPERFIELD. All the films were screened with live music performed by an ensemble orchestra.

On August 1, 2014 with the Museo del Cinema of Turin was officially presented the restoration of the film DAVID COPPERFIELD at the Courtyard of the Palazzo Reale in Turin with a live performance and the direction of his music.


Some of my arrangements for orchestra : Suite from Pirates of the Caribbean (H. Zimmer) Superman Theme (J. Williams) Danson n.2 (A. Marquez) Children Song No. 4 (C. Corea) Concertino Op. 21(O. Rieding)


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